Will Garcinia Cambogia help my daughter?

I don’t normally come to the internet to ask strangers for help, but I’m getting desperate. You see over the last few years, my little girl has been getting bigger and bigger… too quickly. She’s not even in high school yet and weighs 120 pounds, so she’s pretty overweight.

I’ve tried a few things to help her lose weight, but they just don’t seem to work. I signed her up for basketball in the fall, but she HATED it. Not only because she couldn’t run up and down the court, but she couldn’t shoot, pass, dribble, anything.

Her diet really isn’t all that bad- I think she just eats too much. She tends to eat as much as I do, which I think is more than she should considering how old she is. I know that she needs enough food to grow, but does a 12 year old really need to be eating as much as her mother?

My options are running out, so I’m considering using some kind of weight loss supplement. I’ve heard from a friend that garcinia cambogia works pretty well, especially if you use it with a good diet. Can anyone attest to this?

I know that garcinia has a few side effects, but my daughter and I are willing to take that risk. The effects aren’t a big deal, as they’re usually things like headaches or stomach aches. We can deal with those, as long as she’s losing the weight and keeping it off.

If you do recommend garcinia, do you know where I can get it? I know there are a few companies out there that manufacture these supplements, but I’m having a hard time deciding on a certain brand. If I got even just one recommendation, I’d probably go with it.

Thanks for your help!