Nutrisystem helped me get rid of my weight post-pregnancy – discount codes in the post!

Hi, I am Leanne, a thirty five year old mother of two and a paralegal. I have to say I’m really happy with where my life is right now, and a big part of that is thanks to Nutrisystem! At a time when I was at my most insecure, Nutrisystem was a savior – one that pulled me out of my self-doubt and misery, and led me to a better body and a more positive outlook on life. Before I reveal my Nutrisystem coupon code, let me share my story.

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with my weight. Even as a teenager, it would frustrate me how I could never achieve the perfect model body. My body image issues created problems in my married life, especially when it came to intimacy. At that point I’d taken to binge-eating. The stress of studying, working part time, and a marriage on the rocks got to me and every month the weighing scales showed a number higher than the one from the month before.  Then came the children. By the time I had my twins, I had already moved up several sizes from my normal. But after pregnancy, I was hit with a triple whammy of divorce, post-partum depression, and food craving.  Somewhere then I realized that I needed to get out of that rut, for myself and for my children.

Determined to get my body back on track, I must have tried every product on the market (and ended up wasting a good deal of money!) but to no avail: diet pills, vibrating sauna belts, slimming tea, fat burning cream, spinning classes – they all helped me shed a few pounds here and there, but none was the effective solution I needed. It felt like I was grasping at straws, and then, lo and behold, I found Nutrisystem.

Seeing that so many of the previous programs and plans I had followed had barely worked, I had my fair share of doubts about it. However their lose 5 lbs.+1 inch off your waist in your first week or your money back” guarantee encouraged me to give it a shot. Now I can say it might be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life! First of all, Nutrisystem gave me a way to eat healthy without having to count calories for every single meal, or without forgoing taste. I could still have desserts, I could still have meals that didn’t constitute only of rabbit-food, and all the while, I could lose weight. This was all when I was spending less than $10 a day on meals with all the Nutrisystem discount codes. I hadn’t even thought that that was possible!

Try Nutrisystem Today!

Nutrisystem promo codes

I always enjoyed food and my weight was indicative of that, whenever I thought of following a diet the idea of giving up food was off-putting. The reason why Nutrisystem is different and the reason why I could stick with Nutrisystem is because, they’ve got a range of dessert items that you can include on your diet daily. I’ve never heard of a diet plan that is so generous so this was enough to give me the required push to follow the diet. My next concern was the money I’d spend with the diet and the Nutrisystem coupon codes took care of that by helping me save a lot.

Why Nutrisystem Works

To top it off, as someone who was busy running after very small children and trying to obtain a job at the same time, I didn’t have a lot of time to shop for and prepare elaborate healthy dishes at home. Therefore, the fact that I had all these frozen meals from Nutrisystem (that somehow always tasted fresh and delicious) made it a whole lot easier for me. At around $300 per month, Nutrisystem also proved to be a budget saver, thanks to Debra Moorhead who regularly posts the latest Nutrisystem promo codes on her blog, go ahead and lose weight and change your life! As someone who loved food and wasn’t too informed about weight loss and proper eating, I really appreciated how I could track my progress through the Nutrisystem website. I could get information from people who knew more than I did about what was right for my body every time I called (five stars for stellar and unmatched customer service!).

Losing weight had me feeling much better about myself, and even motivated me to become more active. Although I don’t have much time on my hands, I try to go to the gym as often as possible. The emphasis on proper portions and timely meals has worked wonders with me. With my children and work, the Nutrisystem diet was an ideal solution in terms of meal prep time and budget friendly solution with the Nutrisytem coupons. I lost almost 50 lbs in the first four months – now, with my Nutrisystem diet paired with consistent exercise, I am steadily on my way to losing more. I have renewed confidence (which helped me land my paralegal job!), and I am more determined than ever to get the body I yearned for all those years ago as a teen but didn’t know how to get.

I take my Nutrisystem food packets to the office and microwave it there and use Nutrisystem’s Eating Out Guide whenever I eat outside the house or the office. Taking smaller portions in higher frequency has done wonders for me. I’m even more experimental with my clothing these days, and I can’t stress this enough: it’s NEVER too late to start feeling good about yourself. Trust me, Nutrisystem is a total bargain! You will be spending only $300 a month on healthy and nutritious food. You can save further by keeping an eye out for the coupons on papers and online!

And as far as feeling good about yourself goes, there is no better option than Nutrisystem to get you loving your new body. I would recommend the Nutrisystem diet to anyone with the desire to look good. All in all, this was an investment that turned my life around. Thank you, Nutrisystem!